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Default I Think I'm Polyamorous!

It's amazing how long you can go through life without being fully aware of something that is basic to your own personal make-up. It wasn't until I was on Adult FriendFinder for over a year and started doing some research on Open Relationships, that I began to realize that I am naturally Polyamorous. All the evidence was always there; yet somehow, I never managed to put it all together before.

Through all of my adult life I've pretty much believed that I should have the right to pursue intimate relationships with whomever I wanted, and have always wanted the freedom to do so. But I've also felt my partners should have that same right too (or anyone and everyone else for that matter.)

The idea of having casual sex with friends has always made a lot of sense to me too, even though it didn't seem to make sense to many others. I've felt sexually attracted to plenty of my friends. It just makes sense to express those feelings with those you care about.

Although pretty much all of my girlfriends have been fully faithful to me, I've never insisted that they couldn't have sex with others. I've been in a number of monogamous relationships with partners that I've loved very much. Despite this, I always ended up feeling unfulfilled, and that my needs weren't being met. I suppose it's like putting a salt-water fish in fresh water. It's still water, but eventually the fish is going to die because the environment is toxic to it's basic make-up.

So anyway, I'm finally accepting the fact that I must be Polyamorous. I accept that I am perfectly capable of loving and having feelings for more than one person, and that it is natural for me to express my sexual feelings with the consenting women that I care for.

I hope all of you find your own path in life!

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