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Default I like lying less!

Mr. A visited his family today. I'm not sure how it came up, but he told his parents kinda sorta about me and Indigo.

Well, it was one plausible "scenario" we'd thought of to explain our living arrangements. He told them that Indigo and I live together. That he's my ex, and the breakup was amicable, but we bought the house together when we were dating. And that we live together because it's financially beneficial.

He told them that he and Indigo get along well and have the same sense of humour, and that the three of us hang out.

They were actually okay with this. His mom said that if our (my and Indigo's) relationship works for us, who were they to judge?

This is better than I was expecting. They are nice people, but more judgmental than I'm comfy with. The family also tends to be quite critical of who is doing what, working where, dating who, etc. to the point that Mr. A was happy his cousin had met his fianceť online because it paved the way for us.

Indigo did point out that broken up and living together was quite different from married and dating their son, but still ... if they hadn't been okay with this scenario, then they certainly wouldn't be alright with the truth.

I still feel crummy for lying, but it's not my choice, really. At least it's less lying.
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