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Default Let it begin....

Day 8 of being in an open marriage

Last week before I left on my trip I e-mailed the man I am interested in developing a deeper relationship with. He e-mailed me back and told me to call him to set up a time to get together when I got back. I called him today and we set up a hiking ďdateĒ for Wednesday. Heís supposed to get back to me with the details.

Iím nervous. Iím excited, but Iím very nervous. He doesnít know how I feel or that Iím in an open marriage. I want to tell him so he can move forward with a deeper relationship if he is interested (we had chemistry when we met and when we talked before and after classes last semester).

Iím nervous about the potential rejection and Iím nervous that itís going to put Rider in a weird position and I donít want to hurt him. Itís just the newness and the fear of the unknown.

Well, here we go.....
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