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Time for a new start.


I'm done with this, and once again rebeginning. Letting a new story unfold itself in a new thread.

It starts like this...

Rocked by jealousy, despair and utter dissatisfaction, I've recently made some of the best decisions of my life. I've removed myself from the situation in question (if only by a few blocks) and and consciously (but somehow still unwittingly) begun the golden task of rebuilding my existence. The possibilities really are limitless. All it takes is intention. And lots of support.

I have found that for all my faults and fundamental flaws, I have managed one saving grace. I have always been able to identify an authentic person. And I have surrounded myself with them. They are, as are all who continue to breathe, just as flawed and perfect as I am. And together we have accomplished great things. My band-mates, my brothers, my parents, my hiking buddies, my great big chosen family, you, dear reader, and most importantly... most significantly... Rarechild and Charlie. We are passionate, honest HUMAN BEINGS who love each other very much.

You should know that the fresh, light-hearted air of this new beginning is not without a twinge of sadness. In a way, I am saying goodbye to my home. I am walking away from the comfort I've known for many years. But this place is no good for me. With the company I keep, a much nicer place is definitely in order. Somewhere quiet. More natural.

So, Yes...

Charlie... Thank you. I genuinely feel like you have my back. Always have. I'm pretty sure everyone you've ever met has felt that same incredible integrity from you.

And Rarechild... It's true. You are beautiful. But more than that... much are the most genuine human being I have ever shared space with. I would be a fool to ever give you up.

I'll be home again soon.
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