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Ah well yes, I am well aware that it will not go smoothly all the way. I was just wondering if I can take him by his words or if I should watch out for the rocks in his way for him because he may get his own possibilities wrong. I just do not want to hurt him more than I obviously already have and I am afraid that he may hurt himself by rushing things.

He set a date for the second meeting, it will be in three weeks. Maybe i am just too insecure about this, and worrying too much, but I would feel terrible if he sits at home during that weekend, going round in circles, regretting what he had planed now.

On the other hand I don't really know how to prevent this or to cope with it better than moving forward. Seems as if I am not quite there, 'to love the work it takes' so to speak. But thanks for your reply, I going to think about that point.
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