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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
On the other hand, I've always talked about our sex lives with my girlfriends. Always got my partners' permissions first, by which I don't mean getting the permission before everything, but getting a general "yes, you can talk about our sex life with your friends". Seamus actually added "that's what girls do anyway, I wouldn't feel right asking you not to".
I think this is a big issue. Whereas a woman who found out her bf was bragging or otherwise gossiping about their sexual encounters would stereotypically dump and avoid him, men are stereotypically either accepting or ignorant of their gf talking about them and their sexuality with her girlfriends. Men who would try to prevent women from talking about them with their girlfriends would be viewed as controlling, I think, and dumped. It may be sexist, but I think there might be a double-standard where female gossip is seen as a natural part of feminine sociality and male gossip is viewed as rude and controlling.
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