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I was an "ugly girl". I was very insecure due to growing huge breasts very fast, among other things, and wore XXL male clothes during all my high school years.
I was also a nerd and an outcast.

When I was in university I started feeling a bit less insecure. I was hit on when I was 19 and it felt so weird and awesome. After that I realised guys were attracted to me and had a lot of casual sex.
Then I realised it wasn't what I wanted.

All that to say I was an "ugly girl" and that didn't prevent me from being a "whore" afterwards. Both were hard to live with, but now I have more confidence and I care less about what people say. I think it has to do with the fact I dealt with a lot of crap, and then I just got out of the whole thing, and none of it mattered anymore. And I realised, what people say, it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to affect me. I live the life I want to, make sure not to hurt others, and to hell with people who have a problem with that.
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