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Starting relationships at the same time is a common idea, but in practice it doesn't seem to work much. Not just because of the emotions involve, but because one partner might fine much faster than the other one.
In straight couples, quite often the female finds someone much faster from what I've observed. Even if you are both interested in someone, one of you can be rejected while the other isn't, as happened with Raga and me (he was rejected, I wasn't) and starting there, well do you say "hold on a second, my partner was rejected so I can't actually be with you for now, I'll keep you on hold."?

As for which partner would be best, well I figure if you're open about who YOU are and how YOU work, you should attract partners who are fine with that. It seems to me that it would work better than looking for people that fit a specific pattern that you think is the best one but might not happen to be for the specific person you find.
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