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Originally Posted by River View Post
I often put my arm around Kevin's shoulders in public. He is slightly more reluctant about it than I am, generally, it seems. I'm getting less and less concerned about other people's perceptions of me.
I learned long ago not to care too much about what other people, especially strangers on the street, think of me. However, my gf isn't comfortable with being stared at and whispered about. She's transgender and handicapped and has been crushed by near constant bullying, open stares, whispers and downright shouted out statements on the street all her life. I am very sensitive to her feelings.

Gays have it easy compared to transpeople.

Oh, the other day we went out for breakfast and as we were walking from the parking lot to the cafe I put my arm around Kevin and he put his arm around me and we walked and talked like this. A woman saw us together this way and smiled bigly and brightly, happy to see it.
Nice. One day gf and I were in an uncrowded diner. She left the table to go to the ladies' room. One of the workers, a guy, came up to me and asked, "Is that your daughter?" Just for fun, to see where he was going, I said yes. He said, "Tell her she's wonderful!" I don't know what he meant by that, but we took it as some kind of compliment.
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