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*deep breath*

Well, there's a lot to share, so I think I'll cut it into chunks. First of all --

Gia's got just 2 weeks to go now and her belly is huge beyond belief. She, Eric, her parents and I will all be at the same camping event at the end of the summer, and she's decided to tell her dad about us before then (she's already told her mom, but her dad is way more opinionated and contrary, so she's held back with him). We've been talking a little lately about what things might look like after the arrival of the baby. It always comes back to the same thing -- that we can't really know -- but I'm glad to know that it's on both of our minds.

At the end of our last date, I left Gia in the kitchen and went into their bedroom to find Eric sprawled diagonally across their bed. I climbed in alongside him and wrapped my arms around him, slid my hands up the back of his shirt, kissed the small of his back. Gia came in and sat on the bed with us and we talked for a bit, then she gave me a few kisses before I left.

I feel like I've reached a new level of comfort with the two of them. Earlier in the relationship, whenever I was driving home from their place I would feel kind of anxious, kind of uneasy, like I'd left something important undone, like I was missing something. Lately, I just feel calm.
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