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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
Brigid-we have several friends heading out tomorrow as well. Though it's a bit closer for us. Have a good time and be safe! It takes 6-7 hrs to get to ohio and I hate making that drive alone.

I'm doing okay. Went to practice with Karma, got some good pictures. Sitting outside after being cooped up inside for a week and a half was great. Fresh air, good people, and a good time. Forgot how bad a large group of sweaty men can smell though.

I'm paying for sitting on the ground though, back hurts pretty bad.
Sorry to hear that your back hurts. My back, knee, hips, and ankle are a bit stiff from the long drive home, but I had an awesome time. It is looking like our unit might be attending the Five Armies interrealm event in Ohio in August.
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