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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I think the Strauss-Khan one is more about the accusation of non-consenting. He's notorious for having sex with women who aren't his wife and it's never been a scandal before.
I suppose you're right, and with Tiger Woods and Schwartzeneger, they were keeping it a secret from their wives.

Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
I think the attacks come more against those that tried to keep it a secret then against those out in the open. Which again just adds to my confusion.

No it's not really anyones business who anyone is doing or how, but if you hide it like a dirty secret, it's gonna come out like a dirty secret.
I think you underestimate the expectation that people were keep their dirty laundry hidden. Especially with respected public figures, there's a discomfort that people have with their sexuality generally, i.e. the very fact that they have sexuality. A university professor of mine even once told me that a student reacted with surprise when he said he was married. She said she couldn't picture him being married. Many people just can't handle the idea that authority figures they respect are human. Maybe it undermines their sense that they're safely be protected by perfect beings in control of everything.
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