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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Once again, the assumption that there's shame and fear involved. That's really pathetic.

Your constant pushing of your agenda makes any substantial discussion with you impossible, as there's obviously no place for anybody else's experience and understanding in your world. It would make things so much easier if you'd just state your agenda up front so folks can then know to not bother trying to have a reasonable discussion.
I could just as easily say that you're being defensive because you're in denial. The truth is that I don't know whether you are or not but I think it is important to avoid denying that there is a culture of sexual shame that prompts secrecy and fear of being outed. What is it that you are saying my agenda is exactly. Because I won't just unquestioningly accept that sexual privacy/secrecy has nothing to do with shame or fear at any level, I'm pursuing an agenda?
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