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I got a message today from a 19 year old....*boggle*

I'm 42. There's not much on his profile to indicate any common interests. I really don't think I can do that kind of an age gap. Really. No.

The second message I got?
"I'm looking for some like-minded friends without playing games. You seem like a straightforward and interesting person. I'm not looking for a serious relationship but some that can have an oral discourse on more than one subject. I'm also a very creative person that has the flexibility to apply it to whatever I do. I have no interest in clothes or faction so women are very sunrise when I can give them advice on what to wear and such, from a guy and an, OMG, an engineer. I hate it when someone assumes because I am an engineer (architect really) that asthmatically-brain dead.

Well, enough about me. What about you.


My first thought was maybe I should submit it for him to of annalsofonlinedating.tumblr...or in addition to!)

I wondered whether he meant "oral discourse" the way it sounded. Personally I think people should be wary of the double entendre stuff. It often doesn't go over the way the writer thinks that it will.

"asthmatically-brain dead" What can I say?

No, I can't say that his message caused even a twinge of interest here.
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