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Thing is you can take what people say and either listen or throw it away. I hate to know someone is in the middle of it and not running from it.
NK-- is right. They did say exactly what lots were thinking. Wrote it in a blunt fashion which honestly..could be the kick in the ass needed. Your story is like many others and maybe someone else will read it and say holy shit thats hitting the nail on the head. Rather than dancing around it. I think no matter how rough the delivery of the message is.. Wouldnt you rather the truth? I know I sure as hell would. Not saying I wouldnt go in a corner for a few and say DAMN THEY WERE MEAN!!! lololol But after thinking about it.. You start going. Damn..they were RIGHT.
I dont think your stupid. I think you need to stop being the victim. But that is only a choice you can make. And Im glad you said your making steps to ensure it.
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