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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I haven't said anything much different than everyone else here, although I decided that i must apologize for the remark about having a baby because that was probably what triggered the OP to single out my message as offensive rather than merely blunt. Had I noticed in the OP the first time I read it, I wouldn't have said that. However, I would have said everything else.
(I apologize for the remark about having a baby, Merxill)

Hey, you're a person too. We all are. Thanks for posting this. Just to let you know--I was not singling you out. I wasn't looking to be babied either (why come here for that?). I've just had enough mean-spiritedness in my life. It's time to move away from negativity as a whole. It's all progression anyway... The first, second, and third posts (it really does look like mocking) made me believe that you said what you said on purpose. That said, I appreciate that you are not posting in the thread any further. I consider this my first and last thread here, actually.

I'm not judging you. Thanks for taking the time to post this, NeonKaos. It shows that you see me as a real person and that's all I could ask for after all.

To everyone else, thank you so, so much for your posts, neutral, sympathetic, or even angry. If you took the time to reply to me or read this, you cared in some way. I've already taken steps to change this. Things are getting better already. Thank you again, and well-wishes.
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