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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Oh, so it's Rarechild who has you floating feet off the ground.
~I also adore Rarechild, and her family. And I'm learning to adore the rest of you as well.

~The cause of my recent joy-ecstacy was the ripening process of my life-long adoration of the Deep Earth (or "being" here on Earth, if you prefer).

~A ripe peach must fall.

~Or, in this case, rise. Rise to be eaten by children, birds or worms. Come all ye who are hungry and feed on this flesh--this flesh which is all of life, which I am, which you are. Feed on your own poems! Serve them up as silence and dance!

~So, yes, I do love Rarechild completely. My beloved is all of life, and it was "M" of Minnessota (m&m) who pointed to the moon in my heart with such skill and grace. She is my very special one. She serves awakening tea.

~Never before have my feet been so solidly on Earth's true surface. I'm not floating; I have arrived.
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