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Oh, I am not talking about a "requirement."
OK. But I said "requirement" because that is what was in the original post of this thread.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post

Also, say I am going to meet up with J. Afteward, I tell my gf, "J is into XYZ." Then she might suggest I trying doing this or that with him as well, if it seems similar to something she has done with a person with that fetish. Then I can be a more creative knowledegable partner to J.
Indeed, yes I have that going on right now myself. I am somehow making it work without saying to A, "B is into XYZ.. Let me tell you about all the times B and I did XYZ, and how long it took, and how many times I came."

Instead, I might say to A, "Being with B has opened my mind to some new things that I didn't think I was into before. I might want to try some of those things with you, what do you think?"

(You know exactly what I am talking about, don't you? LOL We'll have to catch up soon.)

This gets the job done without all the TMI. Of course it's different if the people involved are not adverse to a modicum of sharing. I do not have a "100% privacy" agreement in my relationships, but I don't want them to know everything I do with the other, and neither do they.
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