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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Sometime I feel very positive about doing this, and other times I think about how complicated the logistics would be. Is there anyone out there in a poly relationship with two equal partners?
Hmm, depends a bit on how you define equality. Reading from what most people experience when starting out on poly, although distinctions like primary/secondary/tertiary may be important security blankets for many couples in the beginning, the distinctions tend to fade when the 'secondary' relationships progresses.

Of course, many people reserve the term 'primary' for the person(s) they actually live with, share economics with etc.

As to the logistics? Make a schedule everyone is comfortable with.

How sure are you that your ex would be willing to get back together with you on poly basis?

Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Is there anyone out there with experience "coming out" as a poly to your mono SO.
Aplenty of folks. Do a tag search on mono/poly. That is one of the top five questions/situations people have when coming here.

And welcome. No matter how painful the past may have been, at least now you have a word for what you were experiencing back then.
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