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Without getting long (for once), she has several reasns for having "held on" to him thus far. None of them make a whole lot of sense to us where we are in our lives, but noth Violet and I refrain from being TOO critical because we've both been there in the past.

Update that makes most of it moot - we heard from her today, and apparently she's very unhap[py with the way he's been treating her this weekend, and has repeatedly texted us (paraphrased) "I can't wait to come home", "I iss you guys so much, I love you", "The way he's acting is a reminder how good I have it with you too, I wish I could come home today", and similar.

I feel bad that she had a negative experience, but selfish me on one shoulder is kinda smug, lol.

In any event, we pick her up from the airport tomnorrow night, and Violet and I have both commented all weekend that as much as we've always loved spending time together, it feels strange not having her around now. We miss her a lot. Violet and Lana prepared a surprise for her, they redecorated our apartment a little and rearranged all our photos to include pistures of her too. It's so sweet!
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