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Originally Posted by Merxill View Post
I still do not deserve to be called stupid, especially when I posted for help. I haven't done anything to you, and you voluntarily read (or read parts of) my post. I didn't make you read it or reply to me.

You have hurt me. Please understand that. I do feel unwelcome here because of how you have treated me.

If you've read my replies to the people who have been kind enough to give me genuine replies, you'll see that I'm really not looking for more pain. I feel like I am not welcome on this forum by you. Why do this to me?
Why do you LET me do this to you? Why do you LET your boyfriend do this to you? Why do YOU do this to YOURSELF? Why don't you stand up to your boyfriend the way you're standing up to me?

I didn't say you "are stupid" I said "If you are stupid enough to take this bullshit". I don't know. ARE you stupid enough to take this bullshit? Only you can answer that.

Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
Kind of off topic but hoping this will bring it back on topic.

NK, I know you started a thread a while back where people could take any issues they had with something you, or other mods?, had said but I can't find it. Was it tossed with the last purge? This issue might be better dealt with there rather than here.
That thread has been deactivated.

I'm not making fun of the OP. I'm not looking for attention or trying to hijack this thread. "This issue" isn't about me. It's about the OP getting her head out of her ass. I'm not going to write garden-variety "poor baby" answers when it's obvious the OP is her own worst enemy here.

I have explained myself clearly, & if it means the OP doesn't want to be my friend, that's something I'm prepared to live with.

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