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Back on days! WOOT!

We just had a very filling all you can eat inner for my sons birthdays! They will be 16 tomorrow! All that food has made me lethargic .

Possibility seems to be doing better. A big change in meds and a mental health professional later.....He's wanting to start playing together again but I won't until he can prove this is a long term change, not just a short term thing. He's not happy about that but does understand.

Breathes.....worked way too many hours this past week. That's a good thing AND a bad thing. Good because it gives him a chance to work out his frustrations with his main job which means I don't have to listen to them when I finally get home and the extra money is wonderful. Bad because I don't get to see him very much . He got off early Tuesday, had Wednesday off & then gaming was called off Friday night so he got some much needed wind down time, the rest of the days he worked!

Why the heck am I up so early? I'm up early through the week, there's absolutely NO reason to be up this early on the weekend!
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