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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
GOOD people are not nice to you 'sometimes'.
Play a little game with yourself. Take all the things you told us, (minus your disclaimer about making him look bad, forget that bs.) and imagine if your sister/best friend/mother was dating this guy, and you heard/saw all of this happening.

What would you be telling them ? DTMFA ?
I would, yes. I would tell them to leave. I know though that it's very hard to leave an abusive relationship. I know that you can want out but feel as though you can't get out, and that there are always, always complications. I don't want to be in this anymore, but I am in the process of getting outside help to get out now. I wanted to give the update on that.

As for the last part of your reply, it's not that I'm upset by bluntness, but rather of mockery and's just...I don't understand why that's going on, on here. I feel very unwelcome, but I am very grateful for the kind replies I have received.
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