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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I don't apologize for anything I've said (except that I couldn't stomach your entire message so I missed the part about your not being able to have a baby - but that's a GOOD thing because you'd probably have gotten pregnant with this... entity of a boyfriend by now and then there would be an innocent human being involved in this nastiness), and I re-double it after watching the ensuing responses.

No one should disrespect themselves the way you (the Original Poster™) are doing.
I still do not deserve to be called stupid, especially when I posted for help. I haven't done anything to you, and you voluntarily read (or read parts of) my post. I didn't make you read it or reply to me.

You have hurt me. Please understand that. I do feel unwelcome here because of how you have treated me.

If you've read my replies to the people who have been kind enough to give me genuine replies, you'll see that I'm really not looking for more pain. I feel like I am not welcome on this forum by you. Why do this to me?

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