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Welcome to the boards. Where in Alaska were you from?
We are in Alaska and there is another poster who was from Alaska too.
I like that we were able to actually find people who have some idea of our daily life on here!
I expected to find people who were poly (duh) but it's sometimes hard to find people who know what LIFE is like in Alaska. It's pretty isolated from the rest of the world and hard to find people who are into poly for instance without getting into people you know from work.
For example, I searched for poly communities in Ak and found one "list of interested people in Ak if one starts" of the 30 something people I knew 4 and my husband knew 2 others, our 3rd knew 4 more and a close friend of mine personally knew 2-3 . So between us we realized there was no chance of participating in something like that HERE and keeping anonymity which honestly would be very important for my husbands job as well (though not mine or C's).

ANYWAY-welcome and nice to "meet" you!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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