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Originally Posted by Merxill View Post

Despite all the bad, he is nice to me sometimes,
GOOD people are not nice to you 'sometimes'.

Manipulative, self-absorbed people, are nice to you, when it benefits them.

You have handed over permission of yourself to a manipulative loser. He is NOT going to give it back. Ever. You gave him permission to abuse you, and he has joyfully accepted it. You should be very angry. Very, very angry,....first at yourself, secondly at him, and thirdly at large, so you are angry enough to do something about it.

A few gems that stood out at me :

- you are not 'allowed' to____________.

- He allows others to treat you badly.

- You only have his hearsay on his therapist. Do you REALLY think, it`s the therapist who is fucking shit up ? I`d say the most likely case, is that you are not getting the full story from your lovely boyfriend.

- He is nice, 'sometimes'.

As for being upset over what NEONKHAOS said...... Well, she is being blunt and honest. While it may surprise you, it shouldn't hurt you. Snapping you back into reality is the kindest thing that could happen.
What should hurt you, is what the 'boyfriend' says. He puts you down, is cruel about your weight lose intentions, and seems amazingly awesome at dazzling/baffling you with bullshit.

Play a little game with yourself. Take all the things you told us, (minus your disclaimer about making him look bad, forget that bs.) and imagine if your sister/best friend/mother was dating this guy, and you heard/saw all of this happening.

What would you be telling them ? DTMFA ?
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