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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
A personal relationship isn't really much different. A person who is deeply in love with you might not want to disclose information about you to other friends but when they get annoyed with you for some reason, they might just go ahead and gossip about you. I see people talking/gossiping about each other all the time, presumably without a thought regarding the ethics of disclosing others' information. I think if you told them they weren't allowed to talk about people without their permission, they would take it as you trying to control them unfairly. I'm not saying they're right but I think they have the power in the situation since no one can really STOP them from talking about whatever they know. If you want to restrict your relationships with people you trust, it can be really hard. Just ask Tiger and Arnold.
You are 100% right on the money there. Its been my experience, that the very same people screaming for privacy, actually mean secrecy. They want the ability to keep hush about what suits them, and the ability to whine and gossip about what doesn`t.
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