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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Eh, I am with Cindie here, and so is my gf. None of our other lovers have ever asked for us to keep sexual details a secret either. I guess we're all loosey goosey here and getting off on each others' escapades all around. *shrug* Maybe it's a New York thing. We talk a lot.
Of course we aren't specifically talking about this kind of freedom when all involved want it.

This is specifically to when the metamour doesn't want that kind of information shared.

At what point do you start disrepespecting the other person and start removing the other persons right to discretion.

My wife and I are open about what we do.. Very.. So I am not opposed to the idea. Bt I also believe in respect..I am far from perfect but I try to uphold the wishes of my partner involved.
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