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The other night, C was taking our daughter to bed (she's 2). She needed hugs and kisses from dad and mom (she's a total daddy's girl). So he knocked on our door. We'd just gotten out of the shower and I was still naked. Maca opened the door, gave baby a kiss and baby wanted one from me.
I had sidestepped out of sight when he opened the door.

Now I could be a nudist-but no one but me and baby are like that in this family of 9 so I was respecting that.

Maca USUALLY would have taken baby and brought her to me OR if I was in bed under the covers C would have come over so she could kiss me goodnight.
But Maca said "your daughter wants a kiss goodnight and walked to the other side of the room". .
I was caught off guard as was C (which we all found out later) and I didn't know what he was expecting. I thought "huh maybe this is a test he's giving himself".
But I wasn't REALLYcomfortable just going out naked to kiss her with C there. May sound dumb-because certainly I'm comfortable being naked with C and I'm comfortable being naked with Maca AND I'm comfortable being naked with baby. BUT altogether? That hasn't EVER happened. I leaned over-but still tried to keep somewhat "Hidden" by the wall and actually covered my breasts (very large, quite a chore) with my arms kissed her and moved back to hiding-very awkward.

Later Maca tells me he felt like he had to let me do that or something and he didn't like it.
I felt so bad for him-because somehow he was thinking I wanted it that way-or C did. But really NONE of us did! How silly of us-we're doing so well communicating-but in the heat of the moment we had a hell of a misunderstanding!

Fortunately it all broke down to "uh yeah, no we're not ANY OF US comfortable" changing THAT dynamic in the home. So we aren't going to!

But I do get what you are saying about how the DOING of poly is a bit different than the theory of it!!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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