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Walking through Santa Fe's plaza today during an arts and crafts fair, I just had to stop to listen to the didgeridoo player. He had something. And I listened a bit ... and then I was entirely inside his music! He had some sort of leggings on that rattled when he shook his legs in rhythm. And in his hand were two carved hardwood sticks. (I don't know the names of these instruments.) And very soon I realized that he's got to be about the best didgeridoo player I've ever encountered, times ten. Times a hundred. Not a mere player, but a master.

I said, in my enthusiasm, "You are master!, wow!".

He answered, "I try." And then he reconsidered his words. And then he said, "No, I guess I don't try; I just let go."

Ponder that a minute!

He was Rob Thomas of Inlakesh -

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