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One of the myriad curious facts about the life of one who writes is that he or she will gradually discover curious things, like the meaning of the phrase "intimate acquaintance". One realizes that a rich vocabulary is necessary to speak the truth. Not all intimate aquaintainces are quite friends. They may become friends, or not. A friend is a regular feature in a person's life. They are kept near.

That said, I bumped into an intimate acquaintance today, a man with whom, when they ask, I must speak some truth -- because we are more than mere acquaintances.

So he asks... "Any news?" And so I proceed to tell him that I have a female love-interest. I've told a couple of my intimate acquaintances about this, just because I'm a sort of social psychologist, a sort of anthropologist, a sort of magician, a sort of trickster, a kind of raven who likes to squawk and see how folks react to the much unexpected and strange.

"And you're still with Kevin?" he asks.

"Well, yes, of course!"

"And Kevin's okay with this?" (He looks worried, puzzled, perplexed, as if I had come into his shop with my hair smoldering, wearing a short skirt.) ... [I can't help wondering if he's judging me a lunatic or an ass hole.]

"This kind of thing doesn't often work out very well," he said.

"I realize this, but I think we're up for it. [pause] One has to stare jealousy down" (paraphrasing).

And that's when I said that there was somethign "spiritual" going on. This guy is a universal mystic! I know he can handle it!

[Paraphrasing myself]:

"We are going right to the advanced studies. The universe handed us this and I'm--we are--going to give it our best shot. It feels raw and truthful, the real deal, a kind of calling. It's going to be challenging but I think we're going to create some beauty."
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