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speaking from the point of view of the one who isn't the third wheel I find that it is of utmost importance to hear from Mono when he is feeling left out... well, actually to hear from him continuously about everything. I see it as my responsibility to show him how much he is cared for and how important he is to the inner functionings of our relationship as a whole. We are forever changed because he is in our lives, and for the better! There was adjusting to that though and you may be experiencing that uneasy adjusting energy.

I see it as his responsibility to let us know when he is feeling uncomfortable or left out. I can't read his mind, well I come pretty close, but... ... so he needs to keep us informed every step of the way before his feelings get away on him and he wanders too far from reality in the situation. It's much better to check in when something seems silly than to leave it and let it grow into a real issue.

With time the silly issues have subsided as he knows where he stands and knows he is supported. We both love him dearly and he is one with us now.... this process was a struggle, but all good things are a struggle to get to it seems....

Keep talking, expressing, accepting that they love and want you in their lives and with them and see where it goes. If it is a good thing for you and them, it will be revealed...
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