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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
You're "not allowed to talk to a therapist" about this?

I'm not even reading the rest of your post. If you're stupid enough to take this bullshit, and even DO HIS MATH HOMEWORK for him, then more power to you. Go ahead and throw away your life. It's your life after all and if this is how much you value it, then of course you're going to find others who value you as you value yourself. You're your own abuser in this situation. Your post oozes with self-hatred. It made me feel nauseous just skimming it.

All you need to complete this wonderful picture is have a baby. Better get started on that.

Good weekend to you.

This is very cruel to say. I said in my post that I cannot have children, nor would I want to with a situation like this and people like this in my life. I know your post is full of sarcasm, but I asked that replies not be harsh... Imagine you'd been manipulated for years and that literally everyone in your life told you that you mistreated the person who is mistreating you...that you were guilted and harassed every time you tried to leave--even a death threat last year. That NO ONE BELIEVES YOU...

I'm not stupid. Please dont call me that. I've been called that enough and really, this is the kind of reply that makes me afraid to post. Doing homework for someone meant I got the night away from them. A million things hurt me about the situation but I'm trapped.
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