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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
You are reading to much into our defense of the right for privacy and discretion. Don't over think out defense. Take it at face value.

We all treasure open and honest communication (allowing for human mistakes in communication) but we also all accept that there needs to be privacy.

That's all.. That's it.. Nothing more.. Nothing less..
Well, I guess you could read more into my questioning of privacy because imo secrecy and shame are byproducts of culture that equates open sharing with danger. When I am in a relationship, I like the feeling of being able to talk about past experiences even if they took place in other "private" relationships. I think I would want the same freedom with multiple partners at the same time. I would feel repressed and used if my partners expected me to protect their secrets from each other. If they had other partners, I would expect them to talk about whatever they wanted regarding me provided that their partner respected me enough to not exploit their position of receiving privileged information. Really what this comes down to is that it is better not to put others in the position of keeping secrets for you. If you don't want something disclosed, better to keep it to yourself I think. That doesn't mean that there are no ethics to the way people respond to information they receive. E.g. I don't think Tiger Woods' prostitutes or Arnold Schwartzeneger's mistress should have been burdened with permanently keeping their relationships a secret, but then I also don't think it's legitimate the way the media and the public treat the information when they get it. The problem is you can't control other people, even when they're abusive, and there is a lot of harassment, bullying, shunning, etc. that goes on regarding sexuality and many people don't even consider themselves as doing anything wrong by abusing people in this way.

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