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Yesterday Redpepper met the closest thing to family besides my ex wife and daughter that are actively in my life. They are dear lifelong friends of my ex wife and me. This posed an interesting situation of not wanting to put anyone in an uncomfortable position or feeling they were hurting/betraying friendships of anyone. This was also important because it was the introduction of two worlds for me, two I want and consider chosen family.

I don't let many people into my life and women even less. Those I do let in have a tendency to be strong and have presence. My friend "T" I will call her, is no exception. Seeing her and Redpepper face to face was a bit nerve wracking. T is also a Lioness and doesn't hold back in her bluntness. She is fiercely protective of her family and those she cares about, including my ex wife, daughter and me. She knows Redpepper is not the reason I screwed up my marriage though, and made it her business to learn everything she could about polyamory and trying not to judge.

This was a good meeting for sure. "T" told me I looked terrified. She hugged me on the way out of their home and told me I had no reason to be nervous.

I'm glad Redpepper and her husband finally got to meet them and their kids. Another step forward in a future I definitely want to share with all of them!

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