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Went for a ride last night and now on my weekend.. 2 days of nothing. Farmers market tomorrow and hopefully a ride or two.

My new riding partner has been fun. She is in better shape but her skillet is lower, so we push each other on opposite ends of the spectrum. She really rides my ass up and I am helping her "be one with the trail" on the way down. I have been so happy to be back riding, I was worried my skills and strength would have gone away, but I feel confident onthetrail. Might be time to really push myself and get back out onto the more technical runs.

Gloomy, rainy and snowingihpsh here (on the mountain) it's been so hot and sunny it almost good to smell that fresh BC air.

Pengrah and I had a huge talk about poly last night. Kind of a where we stand. We are two different people in poly. She has been poly a very very long time, even though she never had a word for it.. My poly is most definitely new.. Nothing specific came out of the conversation, I just have a better understandin of what she wants, misses and in the end how she sees her involvement in poly.
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