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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
All relationships, on paper, look to be easy. There will always be some conflict due to being humans with different understandings of expectations, and so forth, even among folks who have well-developed relationship skillz.
That's true.

It's the instances of gross dysfunction that always puzzle me. A question that pops into my head on reading some of the scenarios is "Have you had *any* functional relationships in your life?"
People who suck at relationships are still going to suck at poly ones. People sometimes expect poly to fix their poor relationship habits. Maybe some people event believe it is like the magic cure.

The "I have been a cheating lying serial monogamist, I must be poly" mentality usually just creates a "I am a lying cheat serial polyamorist" ... Unfortunately the root relationship problems are never fixed.

Disclaimer - that obviously doesn't apply to all cheaters.. I am just using an example
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