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You are taking a specific point and now comparing it to a general point.

Talking about sex is never required. It is personal ane should be discreet. And it should be up to the people doing the fucking. Of course personal discretion is just that personal. Some groupings can do this full disclosure sexual fun. But other can't. And the right of the information lies with the people in the relationship. Not with the met amour.

In general, most people do talk about their lovers with other peoples. But not everything. I don't know anyone that talks about everything and every aspect. There are always things left to privacy and discretion.

And lastly therapy is something else. In the end if you are that messed up about a poly relationship where you need to discuss every aspect of the relationship, you should probably get out of the relationship. Therapy is usually pretty soecific and doesnt need every detail of everything. And even if you are in therapy.. That's a protected environment. Its not the same as telling your wife how you banged your girlfriend, what positions, how many orgasms, how many bed springs your broke, and what the neighbours thought.

The only person that should know every detail about every part of your relationship are the people involved in the relationship. Period.

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