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nycindie, I think that was directed towards me.

It has nothing to do with keeping this simple really. It's my opinion on where complexities come about. I'm not the best at explaining myself sometimes. I'm taking an economics course and to me I see the same laws apply to different people coming together to find a happiest balance for all. Economics teach that this balance is everchanging.

I'm not speaking specifically about people coming on here thinking they are the only one who has been through a specific something in the previous paragragh. My opions on that is 1) it's fearbased. When it's something bad that's happened to them they are afraid they are alone in the world. 2) If it's something bad they have done then they say no ones been through it as an excuse of " you can't possibly fault my bad behavior because you've never been in my shoes or felt how I feel." This is not complex this is typical out of some. (not all)
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