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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
It isn't about how much the "original" partners share and care for one another. THERE IS ANOTHER PARTNER, and what about THEIR "private thoughts, feelings, and experiences"? Doesn't the "other" partner have a right to be in complete control of THEIR OWN privacy? I fail to see how violation of someone else's privacy demonstrates love between two people "that can't be expressed otherwise". Go back and read that quote very slowly, and see how it makes less and less sense the more times you read it.
I see your point, but then wouldn't you say that people also have the right not to have their partner talk about them with friends, therapists, etc.? Isn't the issue more talking about others with respect rather than total secrecy? I read a book on truth once that said that when you keep people in the dark about things, it's like saying that you have a right to knowledge that they don't have a right to. This may be a legitimate right within a physical relationship, but doesn't it also ruin the intimacy you have with a person if they have secret parts of their lives that are off limits? Granted, to have openness requires responsibility. It's hard to promise openness if the other person can't promise emotional maturity in dealing with disclosed information. But I have trouble seeing how you could maintain a healthy relationship with a "don't ask don't tell" policy between partners, though I'm sure it goes on all the time in all sorts of relationships for all sorts of reasons.
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