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Originally Posted by Aitch View Post
....... The bottom line of it all is that I do not want to leave him and I don't want to take a lover. I feel the value of what I DO have far outweighs what I don't. There is so much more to our lives - sex is only one part. The reason it's heavy on my mind is the lack of anyone to talk to about it - I don't know if I am odd in this respect, but I find it is really helpful to talk even if there is no "do x and all will be well" advice that I will be willing to take.

That doesn't mean to say that suggestions for improving things will be ignored - they won't, but they have to be ones which don't involve splitting up.
Yes Aitch - it is just one small piece. Good to keep that perspective. And the importance of that 'piece' varies with individuals.

I understand your desire to have someone you can share all this with as you work through. That's the nature of the beast.
There are many fine, caring people even on this board who I'm sure would be happy to establish communication and friendship with you if you can't find anyone more locally. Myself included. You can do this through personal messaging or email or for some of us - even voice link.

Please feel free.........

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