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O my. I was speechless there for a minute. I am going to be honest and tell you.. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! I look at myself and see enough of my flaws without someone jamming a damn poker in each one lol. But I love me. I took plenty of emotional and verbal abuse for many many many years. Not by a lover. But by my mother. I have ALWAYS been the fat cow the never good enough one. good lord I could spend 3 years typing up all the crap that woman put me through. And thats what it is CRAP. 90 lbs. Im sorry unless your 4 ft tall 90 lbs is NOT healthy. Im tall dont get me wrong but I weigh about the same as you. Sure I have some love handles. Sure I have stretch marks.(I earned those battle scars having my boys ) And my ass isnt as firm as it once was lol. But its ok. Im alright with it. Hubby is plenty alright with it. And the other guys I have met so far are alright with it. Love who I am or dont love me at all. I will exercise when I want how I want. Eat what I want. lol. And buy what I want. No ones saying hes this god awful guy. But you sound like your surrounded by negative bitter people. I would honestly walk away. Stand on your own and love you. No one needs to be made to feel like shit.

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