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Default Pinellas Area looking for friend

I am a female with husband (no children) mid 40's active professional. Last year had first poly relationship (A v) that ended kind of abruptly and just now getting to where I would like a friend to talk to and understand life again. I used to say, when will I get back to "normal"??? hehe. I am pretty sure I don't want that. I am pretty much open to friendship with men or women. I have only a tiny experience with women. I love music, watersports, theater, pets. If you just want to chat or email or whatever that's great.

I was thinking of maybe going to Ybor sometimes. I like to dance and have fun and play music.

I have never actually put one of these kinds of things out there to the universe like this so please be patient if you write back.

(deep breath) ok... do I actually hit submit... (breathe breathe)
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