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it's been a while since I posted...
The reason is, I'm excited to say, I'm pregnant! I'm only 6 weeks and I know it is too soon to tell the whole world, but each week that goes by I am telling a few more folks.

Zadok is thrilled for me and very supportive, but also understandably anxious that one I become a Mama I will have less time for him.

C is excited for me but we still have not seen each other again in person, I think perhaps the reality that this is not going anywhere (for him, as a mono) has sunk in. Who knows, more on that elsewhere.

The professor is happy for me but also deeply pained because he wanted to have children but for whatever reason he and his wife could not. Even though I feel no chemistry toward him, I would keep him as a friend and surprisingly he says that is what he wants too. I am not super invested either way, will see how it turns out.

I have more to say about my thoughts re: poly but I'm so nauseous I will quit while I'm ahead today
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