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Hello and welcome .

I come from a VERY similar place--the place where the partner calls names, belittles you, does nothing to raise you up...

He may love you, you may love him but love, by itself, does not a relationship make!

I know you don't want to hear this, and it's gonna sound harsh, but this is an abusive relationship. Not all abusive relationships are physically abusive. In some ways the physically abusive ones are easier to deal with and recognize. They heal more quickly, are easier to spot. The ones where it's emotional/mental the heal time is far, FAR longer if the healing happens at all.

For your own sanity, self esteem and self worth GET OUT NOW!

If, IF, things were different....he didn't call the names, belittle you, etc. could maybe work through the jealousy and any other issues.

My personal suggestion is to get yourself a therapist (your school should have them for free or low cost) and lose the boyfriend. Spend some time with yourself, getting to know yourself, learning who you are and what you want in life. Concentrate on raising your self image, getting your degree (or whatever your going for in school), your self esteem....get out with other friends and enjoy what life has to offer in your area.

It can be a very long road up from the depths where you are but it is SO worth the journey and effort!

Check out my blog if you like, I think I put some of my journey in there. If not I'll be happy to. You can pm me if you would like.

What ever you decide to do you've got a long road ahead of you, make the best of it.
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