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Wow. If I was the kind of person that told other people what to do, I'd say run from this situation. Run, and don't look back! However, you are your own person, and you need to make your own decisions. Therefore, I won't tell you to get out of it.

Still, this situation is bad. Your boyfriend may love you, and he may be a good person deep down, but he isn't treating you very well, and it seems he has no respect for you. You love him, but that doesn't mean you have to accept being treated this way, and that you don't deserve to be treated like a person.

What do you want? For a moment, forget about what you think you should want, or what you think is expected of you, or what other people want from you. What do you want? We'll go from there.

Also, I thought I should address this: I am a psychology student. Some of the things you've attributed to your boyfriend's therapist I find disturbing. If he's telling the truth, it sounds like this therapist is acting very unethically.
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