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Originally Posted by River View Post
Okay, fine. We can "control" how we express our love. No problem.

Yet, if I eat too much I become bloated, stomach-achy, and -- eventually -- fat.
Whereas, if I don't control how I express my love I become thin, beautiful, lazy and happy.
Idk, you could become spent, lethargic, and neurotic.

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I don't relate the philosophy or nature of poly to apply to any other kind of love besides romantic love as I define it for myself. So in this way, the love of friends or children or siblings again does not apply for me. Of course my own convictions and beliefs are totally non binding to any other human.
How do you differentiate, then, between finding a model attractive and a partner? Isn't physical attraction physical attraction regardless of your relationship with the individual?
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