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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
I disagree that there are people who are totally mono. After all, everyone feels some level of love for friends or even acquaintances who endear themselves in one way or other. .
Just to be clear...when I refer to love on this board it is in the romantic sense. That is in fact a different love to me internally.....but that is only me as I cannot assume to understand how any other human truly works. In a romantic love way I am completely mono. Monogamy is not an indication or assumption of lifelong pair bonding for me either. I see it merely as an indication that I form one romantic pair bonding at a time.

I don't relate the philosophy or nature of poly to apply to any other kind of love besides romantic love as I define it for myself. So in this way, the love of friends or children or siblings again does not apply for me. Of course my own convictions and beliefs are totally non binding to any other human.

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