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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
Sure, some people like to announce particularly significant aspects of, say, a bowel movement but not everyone appreciates the information and it may offend as well.

The thing is, your bowel movements are your business only and you have every right to discuss your business with whomever you wish. It has nothing to do with whether or not something "offends" your audience.

f someone loves you and you love them, why should you see it as a threat if they are curious about private thoughts, feelings, and experiences? Isn't love all about sharing and being able to express things comfortably that can't be expressed otherwise?

It isn't about how much the "original" partners share and care for one another. THERE IS ANOTHER PARTNER, and what about THEIR "private thoughts, feelings, and experiences"? Doesn't the "other" partner have a right to be in complete control of THEIR OWN privacy? I fail to see how violation of someone else's privacy demonstrates love between two people "that can't be expressed otherwise". Go back and read that quote very slowly, and see how it makes less and less sense the more times you read it.
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