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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
I find it really interesting to read what journalists write when scandals like Weiner, Strauss-Kahn, or Tiger Woods are happening and what the public perception seems to be. Each sex scandal reminds me why people keep their sexuality closeted. Sexual disclosure makes people vulnerable in a way that is easy to exploit by others. Even if people just find out you like having sex missionary style with your wife within a monogamous committed relationships on saturday night after 10pm behind closed doors with the lights off, they will make little comments to let you know that they know what you do, e.g. "so how's the missionary work going?" It is ridiculous. It's like there's a general promise of harassment to anyone who doesn't keep secrets and maintain privacy.
I think the attacks come more against those that tried to keep it a secret then against those out in the open. Which again just adds to my confusion.

No it's not really anyones business who anyone is doing or how, but if you hide it like a dirty secret, it's gonna come out like a dirty secret.
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